We're excited and taking the big plunge into crowdfunding. The number one reason we're doing a crowdfunding campaign is for future growth of Greenbleez. We need to fully protect our latest addition to our children's green products. This new addition is an adorable line of eco-critters. Stuffed animals with a hypo-allergenic fill that are washable and NO 2 are alike.

So here's Greenbleez's history. It started with a big dream, that dream was to create a premier children's line that addressed the need to reduce post consumer materials. We thought it was very important  to reclaim the high quality that American products have long since abandoned.

Our first line included hats, baby blankets and infant hats. Then I moved into outer wear (poncho's, vests, coats) and a few more accessories. All lines were bootstrapped, designed, developed and tested for marketing.

Then something happened...while visiting a friend in the hospital who was undergoing a serious organ transplant operation. I asked him "If you could have anything that would bring you comfort what would that be?" He gleefully announced " a dog...a blue dog!"

That's what I did. I went back to my studio and designed my first stuffed animal. Little did I know what kind of excitement that lil critter would stir. Soon nurses, doctors and the director of the gift shop were asking if they could purchase their own Mister Blue Roo and if I had other critters?

These eco-critters had a life of them own. Requests came in for all sorts of critters. Soon, we developed pigs, monkeys, cats, frogs, elephants, owls, foxes. I wanted to keep our high quality standards of hand made. That is very important. I also needed to protect the design and production property which was now in the "toy" industry.

Our fans love the idea of purchasing a product that makes them feel good giving. It's an added plus that they really love our critters. We never get tired of hearing the appreciation for the regard to detail and craftsmanship. Greenbleez believes in giving back and being part of a solution for our children, their children's children and  the planet. 

Here's where you come in ... spread the luv!


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Written by Margaret Barth — July 23, 2015

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