GREENBLEEZ offers you one-of-a-kind, handmade "green" children’s soft toys, outerwear and baby blankets, all  constructed from recycled and reclaimed sweaters, thus offering a fun and eco-wise alternative to buying products from the big box chain stores as well as supporting our local American economy. Our planet-friendly children and baby toys and apparel are cute, comfortable and truly unique.

No two children are alike. Why should they look the same?
We believe the innovation and creativity it takes to create these pieces are appreciated by our fans. We believe individuality is better than mass produced any day. Our products are for people that value innovation, adore handmade and support sustainability. We think there's no better combination. Materials collected locally, and handmade lovingly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A note from Margie, GREENBLEEZ' founder
GREEN-A-LISH-OUS children's products. You say green a what?  Well, that's something that is fun, green, adorable and functional all made sustainably. Tah,dah....GREENBLEEZ was born.
My name is Margaret Barth. The GREENBLEEZ product line is an homage to my Grammie who never wasted anything. She was the consumate RECYCLER. Who uses two tea bags and gets four cups of tea...come on?... really Gram?  And my Aunt Mary who was Tailor Von many times can you redo a seam? Can you say too many?? So you see the connection...reclaimed materials, expert craftmanship, complete individuality.
It wasn't an easy feat. It took several years of research, development, testing and pure love of design plus a sprinkle of innovation for this line to emerge. My background in theater, design and recycling all came together.
The tricky part was how to create sustainable, whimsical products that are unique character(s). Which translate the love of handmade and are executed with the highest quality standards. As, Tailor Von EXCELLENCE is always looking over my shoulder...I couldn't get away with short cuts if I wanted too!!
At Greenbleez we collect the materials locally, reduce the consumer consumption and champion all the mills to sell their fabrics that would normally end up in the landfills. The result of all this hard work is  our truly one-of-a-kind soft toy characters and clothing lines that are both eco-friendly and adorable. No two are alike!